Ability Testing & Screening

At Pursuit NHA we are strong advocates of the inclusion of ability testing and psychometric profiling as a key component of the recruitment process. The best hiring processes look not only at the skills and experiences of an individual but also at their mental ability and psychometric profile allowing you to see the whole person rather than the usual “snapshot” that an interview usually provides.

Including these tools in your recruitment process will ensure you have all of the information available to make a fully informed hiring decision.

Ability testing measures a candidate’s aptitude in solving numerical problems and reasoning with verbal information. Many of these tests are developed to measure potential rather than the current ability. These tests can be completed online and verified under supervision or with pencil and paper and can be designed to suit the level of candidate being recruited.

Personality questionnaires are a powerful method of predicting how someone is likely to behave in a work situation. These tools look at a variety of personality factors crucial to success in role.