We focus on outcomes. We believe that coaching is an investment that should provide a significant return.

Our coaching programmes are bespoke and designed backwards from ‘what does success look like’ when the coaching has been completed.

We have designed a number of tools to measure:

  • Behaviour
  • Performance
  • Attitudes
  • Perceptions
  • Skills
  • Competencies

We apply as many ‘metrics’ as we can for each programme and always complete a full review after each assignment.  We ensure that all the key stakeholders in the process are included and their views are part of the measurement criteria.

Coaches and Coachees

Recent research looking at which schools of psychiatry produce the most positive results was inconclusive. When the researchers looked at the success factors there was one element that was consistent - the quality of relationship between the psychiatrist and patient was the overwhelming success criteria. We understand and embrace this. All of our coaching programmes start with a ‘chemistry session’. This is a coaching session designed to establish the coach/coachee ground rules and most importantly do they like and trust each other – subjective? - Yes. Critical to the success to the project? – Yes.  If the chemistry doesn’t work then we will recommend another coach.

The Client Organisation

Our coaches invest time to immerse themselves in your organisation. We want to understand it from both an objective and subjective perspective. What do your people actually do and how does it feel to them? We call this process becoming a Sustaining Resource.

The Four Generations of Coaches

Generation 1 - The Friend

Generation 1 - The FriendCoaching process is based on relationship

It is mostly about giving advice (mentoring)



Generation 2 - The Fixer

Generation 1 - The FixerCoach is hired to ‘fix’ the problem.

This can have limited scope and sometimes limited success.



Generation 3 - The Holistic Coach

Generation 3 - The Holistic CoachA skilled coach who is able to use a number of coaching models and theories

The coach understands the different skill set between coaching and mentoring and applies them accordingly


Generation 4 - The Coach as a Sustaining Resource

Generation 4 - The Coach as a Sustaining ResourceIs skilled at the other 3 generations

Has invested time in the organisation building relationships, understanding political landscape and who the key opinion leaders are

Is able to help coachees both formally and informally

Is able to help other members of the organisation informally


Where appropriate we use psychometric tools in our coaching.  Our coaches are qualified to administer and feedback in:

  • MBTI
  • Insights
  • 16 PF
  • OPQ 32
  • Belbin

360° Feedback

360° feedback can provide invaluable data for some coaching projects. Pursuit NHA can design personalised 360° feedback tools. Our coaches are also accredited to use ‘Insights Full Circle©’