Case Studies

Below are examples of how we have helped clients with our consultancy service:

Trade Terms Negotiation

Pursuit NHA were asked to work on a trade terms project with a client which was looking to wrestle back the initiative from the trade in deciding how promotional monies were spent.

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Development Centres

“We want to understand the current level of skill, knowledge and attitude of our sales team, against key competencies, so that we can build individual Development Plans to make that team more effective at selling”. How can you help us?

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John Lucas, Head of Resourcing, Balfour Beatty was a student at Aston University studying Civil Engineering in the 1970s.

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Supplier Effectiveness

Over the past 10 years we have been working with a number of Toy companies, to help them increase their understanding of how they can be more effective as a supplier.

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Sales Effectiveness

As a global leader in logistics, this client approached Pursuit NHA with the challenge of:
How can we make our European Sales Team more effective at what they do?

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