Development Centres

“We want to understand the current level of skill, knowledge and attitude of our sales team, against key competencies, so that we can build individual Development Plans to make that team more effective at selling”.

How can you help us?

Our first step was to understand how and where the sales team fitted into the vision of the organisation. Core competencies had been developed and communicated to the team and the next step was to give real definition to each core skill so that we could design various exercises to evaluate the sales team.

We agreed that different exercises were needed at various levels in the organisation in order to successfully evaluate the whole team.

By consulting with the team at various levels, we designed a one day Development Centre to measure the team’s strengths against the core competencies in order to be more effective in their roles.

Some of the tools used on the day were:

 Personality Questionnaire
 Verbal and Numerical Reasoning
 Presentation and Analytical exercise
 Role Play(s)
 Interview
 Commercial Questionnaire

From the day, the team agreed core strengths and development areas for each member of the team, resulting in an Individual Development Plan being written.

We were then able to benchmark the team against “best” market practice and give direction to learning resources to help raise the game and improve sales skills.

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