Supplier Effectiveness

Over the past 10 years we have been working with a number of Toy companies, to help them increase their understanding of how they can be more effective as a supplier.

It is true to say that the demands of retailers have increased over the last ten years and therefore understanding the supplier performance in a retailer and benchmarking this against key competitors can give real insight.

By working closely with the clients, Pursuit NHA created a bespoke questionnaire which covered five key commercial areas:

  • Business Working Relationships
  • Customer Service
  • Managing the Business
  • Product Offering
  • Influencing the Shopper

This quantitative approach is supported by ‘interviewing’ key members of the buying team, to fully understand what is driving their comments and perspectives.

The last survey in 2010 clearly identified that progress had been made year on year in some of the critical feedback areas.

One of the key successes was the implementation of a Strategy Day, where both parties gained a clearer understanding of how they could work together more collaboratively.

To support this Strategy Day, we are also working with this client to develop and deliver long term account plans with their key customers.

The key outputs to this project are to provide a number of recommendations, in both the short and long term, which will differentiate their performance in this category.

To get an independent view of the how you work and how you can get better, is worth its weight in gold (plastic?)!

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