HR Credibility

Our research indicates that some HR professionals can suffer from the following:

  • Feeling undervalued as HR isn’t taken as seriously as Sales, Marketing, Research, Operations and Finance
  • The challenge of trying to influence is a real challenge trying to influence highly intelligent (clever), technical people
  • Frustration that technical and scientific abilities and competencies are valued higher than leadership and communication skills
  • Disappointment that line management doesn’t take enough responsibility for people issues
  • Lack of airtime and challenges can mean HR professionals feel threatened at team meetings

I have been working with HR professionals from both large and medium sized organisations across the globe for over 10 years.

My first coaching assignment was with a HR Manager from a major blue chip company who has since become a very significant and influential figure in his industry.

I remember his opening line when we first met, he didn’t even introduce himself
“I deal with some very clever people who know their subject so well. They have brains the size of planets and love to demonstrate how important they are. They don’t exactly look down on me but I do sometimes feel about 10 stories below them – I need help”. We did eventually do some introductions.

Since the first project I have been helping HR Directors and Managers to develop their own strategies for building their professional credibility and influence within the organisation (and sometimes their industries). I have helped them put themselves and HR firmly on the credibility map.

Virtually all of the HR professionals I talk to have experienced the pain of low credibility at least a couple of times in their career. This is such a recurring threat that I decided to build a coaching programme around it and write a book about it.
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