Management Development

Our Management Skills Training is targeted to your needs.

Managers can be developed through individual skills training or through a comprehensive development plan.

Management Skills Development Programme (MSDP)

The Pursuit NHA Management Skills Development Programme (MSDP) is for potential, first and second line managers. The programme consists of eight modules which are run over a twelve to eighteen month period supported by project work, continuous skill assessment and coaching.

We can also offer these modules individually, based upon the specific needs of the team.

Advanced Management Development Programme (AMDP)

The Advanced Management Development Programme (AMDP) is for Senior Managers and Directors and uses an approach that focuses on Strategy, People and Finance.

All programmes are developed to fulfil the needs of both the business and the individuals.

Management skills are transferable from role to role and apply to any function in your business.

Management Development is about getting the best from every individual, building Personal, Interpersonal and Organisational skills. The Pursuit NHA modules fully cover these areas.

Personal and Interpersonal skills

  • High Impact Presentation
  • Communication
  • Influencing
  • Leadership
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Change Management
  • Managing and Appraising Performance
  • Management Dynamism
  • Interview Skills
  • Mentoring

Administration/Organisational Skills

  • Strategy Development
  • Planning and Organisation
  • Time Utilisation
  • Problem Solving