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How to give talent a chance in 2014

When hiring a new sales person into your team – what’s the easiest option: recruit someone in another Field Sales role from a competitor or similar FMCG business? It might be the easiest way but is it the best?

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Your CV - Details Required

As a candidate looking for a new job the first thing a prospective client will see of you is your CV, so why not make it the best document possible?

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Ambition and Personality: How Important are they for career success?

Ambition is generally defined as the drive and desire to achieve success in a particular activity, and usually refers to academic or work-related activities; it is often thought to be associated with success.

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Managerial differences

A recent psychological experiment asks the question ‘How far do different managerial roles require different personality and competency profiles?’

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To Sell is Human

The Surprising Truth about Moving Others by Daniel Pink, an insightful, well researched and easy to read book.

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