Your CV - Details Required

As a candidate looking for a new job the first thing a prospective client will see of you is your CV, so why not make it the best document possible?

Yes, we’re all on LinkedIn and both recruiters and clients will look people up but at an interview or an assessment day they will still have your CV in front of them. So why do some candidates leave off vital (and basic) information, like their address, or their current role? You would be amazed at how many even leave off their contact details – how then can the recruiter or client contact them to discuss the job they have just applied for? You wouldn’t leave your mobile or email address off a client proposal, or not tell a client the current company you represent? So why then do some people feel it best to limit the information they put into such an important document as their own CV?

Now this isn’t a rant by some disillusioned recruiter so let me put it into some kind of context - it’s all about time and perception. A CV arrives on a recruiter’s desk demonstrating a highly relevant background or strong experience, etc.  But without any contact details the recruiter can’t contact this candidate straight away to discuss the role and get the process moving.  The best they can do is email back and wait, and any delay in recruitment is a negative.

I can understand some people may feel nervous that their CV is going to be emailed by a recruiter to every HR Manager on their database, but leaving off your current company/role can be very frustrating as again it means more time will be spent calling and filling in the blanks (and you could be right or wrong at the end of that call – again wasting everyone’s time if the latter).

A CV is a living, breathing document representing you in the best way possible, just as important as any document or contract you would put in front of a customer. It should be updated regularly and refined – the same as your LinkedIn profile – with key successes and achievements. Remember that it’s a selling tool and worth its weight in gold – the same as you!!

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