Developments in the Public Sector

Even though the public sector works in a very different way to the private sector, increasingly best management practices are being used in all sectors.

Recently the Department for Work & Pensions has created an Emerging Talent Programme for High Potentials.



Interestingly they are currently assessing the best way to select people to go on this programme.

Early indications show that the selection process, which asks people to undertake specific activities rather than putting them through an assessment centre, is highly effective. The effectiveness of the selection process is still under review but every indication is that a key to choosing the right employees is making the process competitive.

The DWP model is


Initial results show a bespoke approach which allows individuals to undertake activities that meet their career aspirations and development needs is more successful than a “sheep dip” approach where everyone undertakes the same development activities at the same time.

This is still work in progress and it will be interesting to see the outcome after a further 12 months.


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