And NOT But

Sales has changed a lot over the last fifty years. Over 10% of the work population are now earning a living trying to get others to make a purchase

Selling is about   Persuading



It always has been.

We all do it… to our colleagues, families and friends but it can be more difficult than ever. So what are the changes that have occurred in the last half century?

…we do it more – the commercialisation of the western world has set up an environment where we’re used to being sold to.

...we all have more information – “winging it” won’t do!

…we are finding more and more similar products in the market place: very often the difference will be the seller.

…we are not just accessing data but having to analyse it, to put forward persuasive arguments.

…we need to ask more questions to uncover needs as this is more important than ever.

…we need to consider the psychology of influencing people to be truly effective. This is probably the most significant change that has occurred.


Some of this is easy. For example have you considered the psychological impact, of always substituting the word “but” with “and”. Try it. It’s really mind changing! Or when preparing to influence someone consider what you want them to know, do and feel?

These thoughts are part of the daily lives of effective sales people… and if we all do it that means you!

Andy Ferguson

Managing Director of Pursuit NHA; Strategic Sales and Management Consultants

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