What does it take to make a great employee remarkable?

They will possess a wide range of easily defined – but hard to find – skills and behaviours. There are few that hit the next level. So what is it that makes the difference?

Tear up the JD!

The employees that can think on their feet, adapt quickly to changing priorities and do whatever it takes, regardless of role or position, to get things done.


The best employees are often a little different: quirky, sometimes irreverent, happy to be unusual. Unusual personalities aren’t afraid to be different and naturally challenge boundaries, and often come up with the best ideas.

Know when to fit back in

When the pressure is on and when a challenging situation gets stressful, the best employees stop expressing their individuality and fit seamlessly into the team.

Knowing when to play and when to be serious, and when to challenge and when to back off is a tough balance to find and a rare few can walk that line.

Complain privately

We want to hear about issues and problems the team are facing, but some problems are better handled in private. Remarkable employees come to you before or after a meeting to discuss these sensitive topics, knowing that they could spark a flame!

Speak when others won’t

Some employees are hesitant to speak up in groups or individually. Remarkable employees may already know the company’s position or your view on a particular topic, but know it would be helpful for the team to hear it from you. They have an innate feel for the issues and concerns of others and step up to ask those questions.


There is a real desire to prove ‘doubters’ wrong. There is often a deeper and more personal drive than just doing a good job.

Rarely satisfied

Great employees follow process. Others are reworking or playing with process or timelines as it is just something they do. Not because they are expected to, but because they can’t help it!

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