Answering the six toughest sales questions!

What would you say in response to…

1. Why should we choose you?
2. What makes you different from the competition?
3. What experience have you had doing XYZ in our business?
4. We’re happy with our current supplier, so why should we change?
5. Why are you so much more expensive?
6. We don’t need what you are selling right now so why should I give you my time?

Let’s take a look at the first question:

‘I don’t know for sure that you should choose us. Not just yet, anyway. Given what I still don’t know about your situation, it would be presumptuous of me to tell you why you should work with us.

However, we are very often the very best choice for many clients. It depends on your situation. In your case it may depend on A, B and C. So, what we should do is focus on A, B and C. (Agreed)

Depending on the outcome of that discussion, the answer will be clear to you as it will be to us. We are committed to supporting you with making the right decision.

So let’s talk about A, B and C and I’ll let you know when I think I have an answer to your question – or maybe you’ll let me know if you get there first. But I suspect we’ll know together.”

Challenge yourself and your teams to answer the remaining five questions.

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