Strategy Development & Validation

The Pursuit NHA Strategic Workshop has been designed to ensure that your Senior Management Team is aligned and focused on the activities which will help them drive best practice.

The one day workshop focuses on the five key areas which are essential for success:

  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • Structure
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Leadership

The team is asked to vote on a series of statements/questions. Each participant’s voting intentions are known only to them but the group result is shown on screen.

The role of Pursuit NHA is to explore areas of consensus and opportunity.  Throughout the day an average team will identify 30-40 actions which need to be taken. These activities are prioritised and assigned to team members who want to tackle the issues identified.

The output of the workshop allows the senior team to:

  • Review and agree the forward strategies for your business
  • Recognise and build upon the key strengths of your organisation
  • Benchmark your team against the world’s most effective sales teams
  • Identify and resolve any potential issues