Toy & Licensing Recruitment

Pursuit NHA has specifically launched a Resourcing project for the Toy & Licensing Markets.


What is Resourcing?

It’s everything to do with employing people - from search and advertising through to ‘on boarding’ training. The help we can offer, and you may need, will vary from assignment to assignment, but what we know is that the hiring process will be most effective if it includes a biographical and competency based interview, a simulated role-appropriate activity and a psychometric profile.

It’s about getting the right people in the right job for the right cost.

Why have we launched this service?

  1. Because, generally, best practice is not used in these markets.
  2. A traditional recruitment agency approach may not be appropriate when you’re already aware of potential candidates for a job.
  3. We can help you make better decisions, minimising your risk and helping you to achieve the best possible outcome.

If you want assistance in making the right people decisions don’t hesitate to contact David Evans on 0118 940 5100.

As Jim Collins states in his book ‘Good to Great’, it’s vital to have “the right people on the bus”.


2018 Toy Fair London