Leadership, Management & Sales Training

At Pursuit NHA International all our training is tailored to our clients' needs.

Our consultants spend time with your business to fully understand the issues you face in your Market.

This enables us to design a training programme tailored to your requirements.

Our Training Products focus on four key areas:

  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Sales Skills
  • Commercial Skills
  • Coaching

Our Approach to Training

Like a sensible attitude to eating we believe that little and often is more effective than one-off events that leave delegates feeling ‘bloated’ with learning.
We take a planned approach to your training. Therefore our Programmes consist of Modular building blocks separated by the opportunity for delegates to apply their learning back in the ‘real world’. This approach allows progressive development which really sinks in. Schematically it could be viewed as:


This ensures:

  • Planned Development
  • Personal Action Plans to work on 'in the business'
  • Coaching support to consolidate learning either from:
  Pursuit NHA
  A Tele-coach

All of our modules are highly interactive and include a combination of presentation, discussion, individual exercises, team exercises, case studies or role plays.

These modules can be supported by:

  • Books
  • Audio and video resources
  • Internet and Intranet